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CoinWarz credits Genesis Mining for making their new calculator possible.I have downloaded the catalyst drivers about 5 times, each time the same problem.

Then you can close the ssh session and the miner will continue to run.You need to change intensity to 20 first, then also set GPU-engine to something around 880-920 and GPU-memclock to 1455-1495.

This is what you will be using as permanent disk drive for your new Litecoin rig.Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS (Lucid Lynx) is the latest currently supported by the AMD drivers as used here.

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I see you on hypernova with a very high hashrate, do you have multiple rigs who gives you these results.C, Next go back to step A and B until you can maximize your hashrate.I have spent the last 4 days trying to build the new rig, the problem I have is I can get two cards to show, but when I add others I get a solid purple screenand Ubuntu fails to boot.

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According to,. while Litecoin is still 2,800% more profitable.I was starting to think that everything out there is misinformation.You can then print the key and address and safely store Litecoins offline.

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Do that and choose your USB flash drive so your computer will boot into the USB flash drive.I just ran through this tutorial, running just 1 290 (for testing purposes), and it went somewhat smoothly.Step 7. When done installing, pull the bootable USB flash drive out.My card is an ASUS 280x and is is directly seated into the first 16x port.

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Make sure the graphic cards are not close to each other, and make sure to use risers to separate them, if the cards are getting too hot, that may cause sickness.I wpent days figuring this out since Max has never answered any of my questions on here or facebook.

Has anyone faced issues with booting into ubuntu when you have greater than 2 gpus.Merged Mining Pool for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, and other alternate cryptocurrencies.

Yeah I was about to order a BFL miner but if you do the math, the difficulty is exponentially growing for bitcoins while litecoin difficulty is growing steadily.At teh time I was ordering and prices and availabilty I had to pick Asus at the time.

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Hey all, finally got my rig up, but i go to install ubuntu and it starts to load then comes up with.Welcome to Asic Miner Market, the most advanced cryptocurrency mining, hash hardware service.

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After following the steps and rebooting, ubuntu gets stuck in the purple screen.

Would like cgminer to auto run at startup do you have tips for that.Do a google search for: nomodeset and save yourself 1 or 2 reloads. and a couple of ragequits.Engine clock is basically your GPU and Memory clock is your memory.However cgminer just displays a blank cursor when mining, no onscreen output.

Asus locked cards are the hardest to work with but rank 3rd minimum, I would put saphire first followed by Gigabyte then my Asus.Mining profitability calculator Litecoin Uses current difficulty data and chooses exchange websites where you will be able to sell coins LTC with the best exchange rate.Click Here to Download High-Quality HD video to your Smartphone or Computer.I wish we had access to the original build Max used in the videos, because it was working GREAT across 3 of my rigs until those auto-updates hit.