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A devaluation in the dollar usually means investors will seek out a better store of value, which traditionally has been gold.Providing breaking cryptocurrency news - focusing on Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, ICOs, prices, blockchain technology, and smart contracts.

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The cryptocurrency market for Ethereum plummeted late Wednesday.

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If there was a central network behind bitcoin, as an example, it could become an easy target for criminals.

Cryptocurrency ‘Ethereum’ Crash By 99.9% Of Value, Not

These two factors then prompted a massive market selloff that bought the value of every major cryptocurrency tumbling down.While this news has. we were also served with a harsh reminder of how risky and volatile cryptocurrency still is when a flash crash on. is not a.

Though a weaker domestic currency helps drum up interest in exports, domestic investors typically dislike dollar declines.Cryptocurrency: 5 Ways To Profit From A Market Crash Message: Should the crypto markets crash,.For the time being, I suggest sticking with a tried-and-true wealth creator like the stock market and keeping cryptocurrencies like ethereum out of your investment portfolio.One of the more profitable trades this year was in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.For those unfamiliar, Bitcoin is a digital asset and payment system — a virtual.Crash Course in Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur. Most movement seems to be more dependent on articles and press releases about the currency rather than global news.

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Some of this recent drop could be nothing more than simple profit-taking.

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By using this site or closing this you agree to our Cookies policy.Cryptocurrency ethereum is. ethereum has seen its value crash in recent. a lack of centralization on cryptocurrency trading exchanges is arguably bad news.

Ethereum (cryptocurrency) flash crash, 6/21/2017, $339->$0

The market shows no signs of stabilizing and a concerning question lingers like an elephant in the shadows.When some of the dozens of cryptocurrency schemes crash, there will be pain. However,.What goes up always comes down, and cryptocurrencies are no different.The crackdown on Initial Coin Offerings is particularly painful because of the size of the Chinese market.

It is disruptive and a risky investment but Bitcoin is not a fraud.Now our science and technology is advancing at a rate never before seen.When the dust settles I would expect to see things stabilize however losing a market the size of China will be a serious blow to the long term viability of cryptocurrency and it is unlikely we will see a swift recovery.

Almost every single cryptocurrency in the world is tanking right now.One of the reasons that NEO was pegged to do so well was because of its access to Chinese investors and consumers.Competing exchanges and a lack of trade centralization are what drive volatility and reduce the uptake of these currencies by businesses.

I have always been fascinated by the impact of new technology and discoveries on the World around us.Volatility is the norm of the day in the cryptocurrency market, so the recent crash that saw tens of billions of dollars wiped off from its value is hardly something.

Based on the PR announcement, GDAX will credit Ethereum Flash Crash traders.This is the biggest test that Bitcoin and other currencies have ever faced.Finally, as CNBC pointed out, start-ups could be behind the recent plunge in ethereum.Today the fud bomb exploded - China really banned bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges.This instability has carried over to ethereum, which is regarded by some pundits to have a better underlying technology and broader use than bitcoin.

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We all woke up to the news coming from china on there strict regulation against bitcoin.